Article samples—


"What Happens When You Trust Too Much," The Atlantic -- read

"The Enforcers of the Death Penalty," The Atlantic -- read


"Natural Rock Stars," Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine -- read

"Workforce Program to Target 12th Street," NPR Austin -- listen

"How LBJ's Ghost Haunts House of Cards," Austin American-Statesman -- read


"Natural Selection," Bungalow Magazine -- read (p. 60-79)

"New Kids on the Block," TRIBEZA -- read (p. 86-93)

"Pop Goes the Picnic," Austin Monthly HOME -- read 


"Aquaponics Awash in Promise -- and, Farmers Hope, Profits," Austin American-Statesman -- read 

"In Austin, Eat Your Way Across Africa," Austin American-Statesman -- read 

"Sweet Genius: Three Star Pastry Chefs, and the Sweeter Side of Austin's Culinary Boom," TRIBEZA -- read (p. 112-117) 

"Let Us Eat Cake: Stylish Snacks, Sips, & Soirees with the Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co.," TRIBEZA -- read (p. 94-99)

Personal essays:

"My Naked Yoga Class," -- read


"How to Celebrate Every Woman Who's Cracked the Glass Ceiling," TIME -- read

"How Women Entrepreneurs Could Lean Out," Entrepreneur -- read

"5 Ingredients You Need for a Healthy Hormone Salad," MindBodyGreen -- read

"Back Story: Nisa Burns," Kirkus Reviews -- read

"Back Story: Nita Whitaker," Kirkus Reviews -- read